Sunday, April 15, 2012


What I said about stats being the same as D20 can be ignored:

There will be 8 stats alltold, with a stat score from 0 to three (monsters and animals may have much higher stats, or they may have null stats. 1 is average for a human. There are innate and trained stats.

Innate stats cannot increase from leveling up, the innate stats are: Size, Toughness, Logic, and intuition.
The trained stats can be improved with leveling, they are: Athletics, endurance, education and experience.

When rolling, the formula will be d20+relevant skill+stat, one or two stats will apply, depending on the speciic rule:
Examples melee damage gets a bonus from size, and attack rolls get a bonus from athletics. Hit points get a bonus from size and toughness, and vigor points get a bonus from toughness and endurance.

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