Thursday, April 12, 2012

Major an Minor actions

Instead of attack and move actions, this system will be using major and minor actions. This is mostly a name difference, because things that resemble attacks can be used as minor actions.
For example, covering fire will be a minor action, but it won't actually have a chance to hit the enemy (unless the enemy is dumb enough to stand there while you shoot him instead of taking cover). A player gets one minor and one major action per round (though a major action can be used to do a second minor action).

Covering fire incidentally gives the enemy a choice between taking a minor action to take cover (this has to be done even if the target was in cover to begin with) or not taking cover, and giving the attacker a free shot. IE, you blow an action to take away the action of somebody else. Covering fire uses up 4 shots, and requires a weapon that can actually put out that many shots in a round (so lightning guns can't be used to put out covering fire, but bolt action rifles can).

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